Top 5 Unique jobs from around the world 

People do different jobs around the world. Some are doctors while others are engineers. There are workers who hang off buildings and daredevils who jump off planes. Keep reading to learn about Top 5 Unique jobs from around the world.

1. Acupuncturist

What do you do when your back hurts? You may take a pill or pay a visit to the doctor. In China, some people prefer to stick a needle in their pain! The Acupuncturist is a professional who is trained to insert thin needles through the skin to treat some conditions. These include stress, back pain, sleep disorder, and digestive issues.

Acupuncture is an ancient Chinese practice that’s part of Traditional Chinese Medicine . In this branch of medicine, the body is divided into two balanced parts: yin and yang. When the body’s natural energy is blocked, the yin and yang lose their balance which leads to pain and illness. The needles are used to restore balance in the body!

Don’t worry! This practice is harmless and some people don’t even feel the needles being inserted!

unique jobs

2. Video Game Tester

Do you enjoy playing animal crossing? What about Fortnite? Are you tired of hearing “Turn off the game and go to bed”? Well, some gamers take their passion for video games to the next level. Video game testers are paid professionals who enjoy new games before being released.

These pros make sure that there aren’t glitches or flaws throughout the game’s level.  Then, they report their user experience to the developers to improve the game before it finds its way to stores. Some video game testers earn around $100.000 a year. Now, that’s some serious fun!

some gamers earn their living by playing video games
some gamers earn their living by playing video games

3. Waterslide Tester

If you are more of an outdoorsy, we have a splashing job for you. Waterslide testers work with amusement parks and hotels to test the waterslides. These water-lovers make sure the slides are safe and fun. They check the amount of water in the slide and how long it takes to hit the pool. After they finish, they write a report detailing their experience.

To be a professional waterslide tester, you need to have certain skills. These include observation, a calm mind, and willingness to try different types of rides. A good waterslide tester has to make sure that the waterslide has a balanced mixture between pleasure and precaution. 

splash and get cash!
splash and get cash!

4. Smokejumpers

Firefighters have a dangerous job. And parachuting is a risky hobby. But what if we combine both?  Smokejumpers have one of the most insane jobs in the world. These brave heroes jump off planes, but not for fun. They do it to control wildland fires in places where fire engines can’t reach.

Smokejumpers are equipped with food, water, and tools to survive for 48 hours after they touch the ground. In order to do this wild job, you need to be a survivalist with a love for nature and extreme adventures. Despite being one of the most difficult jobs on earth, smokejumpers play a vital role in evading disasters as they reach wildfires in remote areas shortly after they start.

smokejumpers were portrayed in many movies
smokejumpers were portrayed in many movies

5. Mesaharati

Would you like to work only a couple of hours for one month a year? That’s the case for the Mesaharati. This unique profession can be found in many Arab countries. Mesaharatis roam the streets in the holy month of Ramadan and call out Muslims to wake up in order to have a meal called “Sahūr” before they start fasting from dawn till sunset.

Some people say this job started in the 15th century in Egypt. Back then, the ruler of the country ordered the citizens to sleep early. Then, he would send his soldiers to wake people up to eat before fasting. Centuries later, Muslims started using alarms to wake up. So, this job started to disappear. However, many Mesaharatis are still walking down the streets to spread the joy and spirit of Ramadan. Mesaharatis don’t get salaries or wages but most of them do it to keep the ancient tradition alive.

children love to roam with the Mesaharati
children love to roam with the Mesaharati

What about you? Tell us about a unique job in your country.

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